Scanner Differences in Copiers

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If you do a lot of scanning, you will find there are some differences in copiers that will really matter to you. You may be here because a lot of your business is electronic, therefore you want to have the best scanning capacity with your new office copier.

We have been selling office copiers for nearly 20 years, so we are happy to help you think about what you need to know when choosing a copier. We have heard the different things that matter to most people who do a lot of scanning, and by the end of this article we will help you learn some things to think about with your scanner.

We will help you learn how paper capacity, Resolution, RADF vs DADF and Service fees work for your company!

Paper Capacity

The first thing you will want to consider is the Auto Document Feeder (ADF) capacity. This is the unit at the top of the copier and will usually vary between 50 and 200 pages that can be loaded at any given time. On the low end, it is possible to get even less than 50 sheets, and on the high end, you may see up to 500 sheets.

If you do a lot of scanning, we would suggest you get at least 100 page document feeder.


Another thing you will want to consider is the scanning resolution. Scanning is measured in dpi or dots per inch. One would think, the higher the better. The only issue with this logic is the higher the resolution you use, the bigger the file size is. Resolution has a maximum, but for most document scanning it is 200dpi and when scanning images, you increase the resolution.

If you do a lot of photo scanning, you will want the highest resolution you can get.


This is the difference of whether one side gets scanned at a time, or if both sides are scanned at once. The more scanning you do, the more you will want a DADF scanner.

The difference between having a RADF vs a DADF is the DADF will generally have the documents scanned in about 1/2 the time.

Service Fees

Most dealers won’t charge to scan, some are doing this now as the office becomes more and more electronic, more dealers are starting to charge per scan as well. The reason they do this is because there is still a responsibility to support the scanner with parts and labor.

Overall, it is better if you can avoid these fees by at least asking.

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