San Francisco, California

Copier Lease Center offers copiers and printers to lease or buy in one of the greatest cities in the world: San Francisco, California. While there are many things to do in “The Golden City”, from riding cable cars, to eating Dungeness crab, or exploring the art scene, what sets San Francisco apart is its beautiful geography and architecture. The weather is also amazing year-round, making San Francisco a highly sought-after place to work and live.

The Golden Gate Bridge

The most iconic symbol of San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge. Constructed in 1937, the bridge originally was designed in 1917 by Joseph Strauss. The Great Depression caused a delay in the bridge’s construction until 1933. It took four years to complete due to harsh weather conditions in the Golden Gate Bay, such as intense fog and frequent storms. Today, the Golden Gate Bridge is the most popular tourist attraction on the West Coast and stands as a reminder of prosperity and innovation. It was the first suspension bridge of its kind, and until 1964, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world.

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island has an incredible history as the site of one of the most famous penitentiaries in the world. Because of the strong currents and cold water temperatures in the San Francisco Bay, escaping from the island was difficult. This led to the construction of a military fortification with a lookout lighthouse. Over time the fort changed from a place of defense to one of detention. This maximum security prison at Alcatraz held the notorious Al Capone. Many escape attempts, some successful, also added to the notoriety of “The Rock”. The penitentiary closed in 1962, and since then Alcatraz has become a tourist destination. Every year the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon encourages participants to swim the 1.5 miles from island to shore in the frigid San Francisco Bay.

Lands End

Lands End is a park with a lot of historical significance in the area. At low tide, you can view the shipwrecks at Lands End, some of which are a result of the ships that travelled to California during the gold rush and were abandoned at the coast. Ruins of the late Sutro Baths, a large indoor public swimming pool and recreation area, can also be seen at Lands End. The most walked trail at the park is the California Coastal Trail, built on the railbed of the Cliff House Railway. Just off the trail at Eagle’s point, there is a hidden labyrinth that overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge.

With all the sites to see in San Francisco and the city’s rich history, we are proud to offer copier leasing solutions for your business needs in the San Francisco area.