How We Help Purchasing Departments

Are you with a company looking for a copier?  Are you wanting to ensure the company you work with can help you on the purchasing side?  We are here for you!  In our series to highlight the typical concerns felt by organizations, we would like you to meet Jamie, and see if you share any of his concerns.

We help Purchasing when it comes to several key areas:
  • Billing – One of the things Purchasing departments love about our copier lease contracts is when they get a bill, it works with how they handle their cost centers.  Do you need each location to get their own invoice?  Do you want one invoice, but each department or floor as a cost center with a subtotal?  We can structure your bill to reflect the information you need for ultimate efficiency.
  • Right Sizing – We help your company pick the copiers you buy based on long term cost of ownership (or short term initial cost if you prefer that).  We can tell you exactly how much each copy costs and make the costs more stable and be as inexpensive as possible while still providing the necessary features.
  • Avoid Hidden Costs – We work really hard to not bury costs deep within contracts.  We tell you upfront exactly what everything costs and will even help you compare options side by side.
  • Quality Products – We assume you don’t want the cheapest possible thing you can find, but rather prefer to get a great value.  Sure there are copiers out there on classified sites that cost $300 – but they will constantly break.  We know there is also cost in people’s time as well as having poor process or billing procedures that make no sense.  We are always looking for ways to save costs, save time or save headaches.
  • Comparisons – We offer free comparisons and we subscribe to services like BuyersLab which is a 3rd party organization that provides cross data for over 5,000 different printers and copiers.  We work hard to ensure you have the information you need to make an informed decision while taking everyone’s needs into account.

Multiple Locations – If you have locations all over the USA, we are perfect for you!  We work with Xerox and are Platinum level resellers and what this means is we can sell and service equipment via our relationship with Xerox in Bangor Maine or Los Angeles, in Denver or in Anchorage.  As long as your facilities are in the USA, we can work with them all.

Now rather than managing 20 different supplier relationships, you can just have one.

For those who do have 20, we even have our own systems set up to help you manage that and give all your users 1 unified experience.  We call this OrderCaddy – and what that internal system does is allow us to enter all the contract details as well as supplies and service preferences and make it super easy for you.

Ask us for a demo of this if your users get confused about who they are supposed to be calling for help!

We would love to help you streamline your process and get you the best value for your money.  We are here to help you!


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