Protect Yourself From Misc Fees

How to Protect Yourself from Common Miscellaneous Copier Fees

One of the most typical complaints that customers have when leasing a copier: they thought they were signing up for one deal, and then that deal changed on them, or the vendors added additional fees.

Because of these added fees, their customers are motivated to change the vendor they want to work with because they feel that they got cheated.

Having a copier vendor hit you with miscellaneous fees can irreparably damage the trust a customer once had in them. Here are some of the most common way that you might get hit with extra copier costs:

You may find a provision in your contract stating that “Contract rates are raised throughout the contract.”

Having the rates adjust for inflation would be fair. However, vendors can use this to raise their prices by 12 percent because that number is in the contract.

Here is How to Protect Yourself Against Skyrocketing Annual Rates

Protect yourself from this by having the “this contract can be raised by x% per year” provision removed entirely from the contract.

If complete removal of this clause isn’t possible, negotiate down to a fairer rate.

Any company that can get away with raising rates on its customers will raise them. You would be smart to negotiate a lower annual percentage hike to mitigate the potential damage to the company account.

You can also get nickeled and dimed through “consumable fees.”

Another common way vendors nickel and dime you is through a charge called “consumable install fees.”

Here Is the Simplest Way to Avoid Paying This Consumable Install Fee

The best way to not pay this ridiculous fee is to learn how to install these consumables into your copier yourself.  Taking five minutes to learn how to install them will save you around $300 to $500 every year.

Thankfully, most consumables are easy to replace, and there is no real need to involve your copier company in any way. When you know how to change your own consumables, there are no consumable install charges to pass on to you.

Keep Your Eyes Open for Other Hidden Fees

There are a lot of hidden fees you need to watch out for. It’s up to you to reduce as many liabilities as possible so you can have a fair copier contract.


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