Xerox Altalink C8035

The Xerox Altalink C8035 color copier is a very popular model that has been replaced by the Xerox Altalink C8135. If you are looking for a copier for your business, we would love to help you.


Key Features


35 Pages per Minute


Fast Scanning


High Paper Capacity

The Xerox AltaLink C8035 is a multifunction color printer that is ideal for midsize to large offices. Tasks such as scan, print, fax and copy can be completed simultaneously on the same unit. This device has amazing speed and delivers first copy at a rate of 6.7 seconds (black and white) and 8.1 seconds (color). Where printing is concerned, you’ll have your first print on hand in 5.2 seconds (black and white) and 6.4 seconds (color). With a service cycle of 110,000 pages per month, scanning, copying and faxing takes place simultaneously, so that several activities can be carried out at peak use periods.

The AltaLink C8035 comes equipped with a 10.1-inch touchscreen that can be used just as easily as a tablet. You can use this printer to produce a variety of items, including flyers and reports with a variety of finishing choices. Similar to many top of the line printers, the AltaLink C8035 was designed with an auto-duplex and stacking feature. It carries two trays for holding paper and each can have up to 520 sheets at any given time. The paper feeder can accommodate a further 2,000 sheets of letter-sized paper. Overall, the paper size is 5,140 sheets, almost double the size of many printers on the market.

This unit carries a range of networking features designed to coordinate printing activities and promote team collaboration. It’s pretty easy to customize individual user settings and print directly from various cloud services, Dropbox for example. Mobile access is included and users are able to print from any device and also use applications such as Google Cloud printing and Xerox Print Service.

Security is always a consideration in the workplace and the AltaLink C8035 was designed bearing this in mind. It has a multi-layer approach to safeguarding data. Xerox through its collaboration with McAfee and Cisco enables the device to have ready-to-use security features that can be controlled at the device level. Protection includes disk erase, encryption,  and a confidential document feature that will hold your prints until you choose to release them for pick up at the printer. Additionally, the printer carries built-in RFID features for safe access.

Supplies for this copier include:

Toner Cartridge (Metered)
006R01509 – Black 26,000 pages
006R01512 – Cyan 15,000 pages
006R01511 – Magenta 15,000 pages
006R01510 – Yellow 15,000 pages

Toner Cartridge (Sold)
006R01697 – Black 26,000 pages
006R01698 – Cyan 15,000 pages
006R01699 – Magenta 15,000 pages
006R01700 – Yellow 15,000 pages