Formax FD 8254CC

This is the perfect office companion for that busy professional who wants to be sure important documents don't end up in the wrong hands. You'll find the Formax FD 8254CC to be the perfect, unobtrusive shredder for your office.


Key Features


Low Cost


High Quality



When you have a lot of documents that you need to safely dispose of, the Formax FD 8254CC is a cross-cut shredder that sits near your desk for convenient shredding as the need arises. You receive high-quality shredding services right from the deskside. Most people in an office with piles of sensitive documents will find it useful to have a shredder like this on hand. You can shred paperwork, phone messages and notes that pile up in your daily work environment.

People love to use this shredder because of its compact power. This shredder can shred to the P-4 or level 3 particles, which means that it will meet HIPAA standards. Considering how you can shred between 12 to 14 sheets in a single pass, you might say that the FD 8254CC has its uses. You can do this, or you can shred one credit card in a single pass. Because of the FD 8254CC, you can continue to shred documents with zero downtime in between. Along with credit cards and documents, this shredder has no problem with staples and paper clips, eliminating the hassle.

Using the waste bin fill-level feature, you can see where the paper shredding capacity has reached and when to empty the bin. When not in use, the FD 8254CC enters standby mode where it uses virtually no power. You might consider this the perfect choice for the home office professional or someone in a small office that needs shredding services. The solid steel cutting blades can cut everything an office worker would need.

Using an optical sensor, once the FD 8254CC detects paper in the tray, it will go to work shredding it. You don’t have to do a thing to start. Once the waste bin has reached full capacity, it will automatically stop working. In addition, it won’t work without the waste bin in place, ensuring that it never shreds a mess that doesn’t go in the bin. As a HIPAA-compliant cross-cutting machine, you will find that the FD 8254CC does a fantastic job, and it makes an excellent companion for the small office.