Formax FD 6104


Key Features


1350 Envelopes per Hour


No Double Inserts


Jam Detection

Looking for automated folding and inserting? The Formax FD 6104 offers you some of the latest technology, which makes it possible for companies to reap the benefits of automated inserting and folding. Part of the allure comes from affordability. You no longer have to send out tens of thousands of pieces of junk mail to justify the costs.

With this folder, you receive a 5-inch touchscreen that makes navigation simple and easy to use. You won’t spend too much time fiddling around trying to figure out how it works. Using this technology, you will receive quick access to saved jobs, and the bold icons indicate the status of the feeder. Pre-program this technology for up to 15 jobs with instant touchscreen operation.

When it comes to production value, the FD 6104 can produce up to 1,350 envelopes each hour. It can process documents up to 14 inches in size, and with electromagnetic document detection technology, the machine will automatically detect things to ensure that each envelope contains the correct number of documents within.

Using energy-saving mode, the inserter enters standby operation automatically after one hour of sitting idle. Schools, marketing companies and law firms could all benefit from the use of this technology. Send out the envelopes without having to stuff them manually. Especially when you have a high volume, it doesn’t make practical sense to send them out with hand stuffing. It takes more time than it’s worth.

All companies can take advantage of this technology, which allows you to stuff envelopes much faster. You’d look at this technology as small, quiet and easy to use. You can bring new effectiveness to your business through the system’s productive automation.

Many look at the FD 6104 as the best-automated folder machine on the market. For someone with low-volume needs, this folder will send out the envelopes to the people. The machine works as an entry-level tabletop inserter, which makes it the perfect choice for people who want this type of thing for their business. They can do it for a lower cost to see the benefits of it for themselves.