Formax FD 346

Fold over 15,000 sheets in just 1 hour with the Formax FD 346. We lease and sell the Formax FD 346 for businesses who want to stop folding the documents from their copiers by hand and begin automating more processes.


Key Features


15,500 per Hour


A3 Capacity


Fast & Reliable

Producing documents at a speed of 15,500 per hour, the Formax FD 346 works for all folding applications. You can depend on this pressure sealer with its ease of use and navigable features. The color touchscreen has everything set up intuitively so that you can find what you want with ease. They have six clearly marked folders. You can get set up with everything in a fast way.

Perfect for the Office Setting

Through the quick and easy setup, the FD 346 uses fine-tuning knobs for each fold plate, which means that you get accurate folds each time. You don’t have to stand and watch this pressure sealer. It handles business while you let it do its job. Use of the multi-sheet feeder means that you can fold 500 sheets quickly and easily.

Staple up to four sheets at a time with the dedicated feed system. This pressure sealer can handle a variety of feeds up to 18 inches in length and 12 inches in width. Because of the option for customizable jobs, you can fold any configuration.

Easy-to-Use Solution

Fast, dependable and easy to use, the FD 346 works with virtually all folding applications. You can use the color touchscreen to navigate the available features. Everything with the setup was made for your convenience. This pressure sealer uses its patented telescoping conveyor feature. The telescoping conveyor feature is a flat conveyor that operates with the use of a telescopic slider bed.

Right out of the box, you can set up the FD 346 with astounding ease. The color touchscreen uses vivid colors for extra convenience and productivity. You can drastically cut down on the time spent folding letters with the FD 346.

Making use out of a robust and heavy-duty steel frame, the FD 346 can satisfy the demands of most customers. You will see clearly marked fold settings, and the pressure sealer uses a push button to get started. An industry leader, Formax makes pressure sealers that provide solutions for manufacturing and distribution. You can feel confident in the ease and practical setup of the FD 346.