Printing Tabloid on Your Copier and How to Save

Looking for a Copier that Prints Tabloid? 

Most copier companies push to sell the A3 copier when the A4 model will suit most companies and is more cost effective.  In fact, here are some facts to consider when purchasing a A3 tabloid copier. 

 A3 copiers print slower than A4 models. They also take up more space
and use more power.  (At the same price)
 The A3 tabloid copier prints 11”x17” sheets while the A4 will produce 8.5”x 11’ legal sheets 
 According to Industry averages, it is estimated that a tabloid copier will
cost you 40% over three years which can cost up to $7,000. 

Which Copier is Right for your Business? 

Some purchase the tabloid copier because it’s size and durability A4 which
makes it better suited for jobs requiring large volumes of printing each month. If your business prints a higher average of copies, the A3 printer is up to the task of printing 20,000 pages on a monthly basis. However, as 3% of pages are printed using tabloid sheets and most businesses do nearly enough printing to make this a cost-effective purchase. 

In fact, here are a few cost breakdowns to make the most informed choice for your business. 

Tabloid Copier with Fax/Scan and FinisherA 4 Copier with Print/Scan/Fax & Finisher
Average Monochrome costs$7,500 (40 printed per minute)$4,500 (50 printed per minute)
Average Maintenance Costs$ 0.006 (per print)$ 0.006 (per print)
Average Toner and Other Costs$ 0.006 (per print)$ 0.007 (per print)
Estimated Monthly Cost of a 4 year contract:
Supplies and Maintenance$120$132
Total Cost$300$240
Cost Per Print$0.030$0.024

The Bottom Line Doesn’t Lie! If your Business Doesn’t Need Tabloid Prints,
save Thousands and Vising the Copier Lease Center to Purchase the A4
Copier Today!


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