Copier Lease Center has established its station at ‘The Big Friendly,’ i.e., Oklahoma City. The capital of Oklahoma has residents that are kind and welcoming. A city progressing as it should in technology and yet not letting go of its culture and beliefs.

We are a national copier company with local technicians in Oklahoma City.  If you are looking for a copier and want to see all of your options, check out our product catalog. If you are more brand loyal, here are our Xerox copiers, and our Canon copiers. Learn more about us and how we can help you get a copier lease.  We work with businesses all over the USA with our nationwide footprint of technicians.

If you are unsure how a copier lease works for your business in Oklahoma CIty, then check out our tips page on leasing a copier. If you are wondering how we service your company, we have local technicians all over the country. This includes Oklahoma City, and we would be happy to chat with you about how your copier will be covered under a local service contract you can count on.

All of service techs are locally based in Oklahoma City, while we do have phone support available to assist you at anytime. Our passion is to ensure you are not down and you have the help you need when you need it!

Here are some of the copiers that are the most popular in Oklahoma City at the moment. 


HP Color Laserjet Managed E47528f

HP Color Laserjet Managed E57540DN

HP Color Laserjet Managed E67650DH

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Black and White

HP Laserjet Managed E42540f

HP Laserjet Managed E52645DN

HP Laserjet Managed E62655DN

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With 14 districts and the state’s largest population, Oklahoma City is a land to explore and admire.

Oklahoma City Zoo

You can know how well established a place is if it has a well-maintained zoo. Dedication towards wildlife and nature is on display here. The Zoo strives to educate, with many events and  activities. Do you want to get up close to flamingos? How about feeding giraffes and rhinos? You can do all that and more.

Science Museum Oklahoma

For art, science, and history Oklahoma has the Science Museum. See interactive science experiences related to space, earth, and much more. Moreover, it has cultural exhibits and artifacts to get a complete sense of the past, present, and future.

Oklahoma City Museum of Art

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art is another focal point for art lovers in the city. Depicting the famous art-glass work of Dale Chihuly and many other eminent artists.

Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum

Speaking of museums, the place that cannot be missed is the tribute to those affected by the tragic event of April 19, 1995. The bombing of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building took many souls and left behind grief and distress. Learn the stories of individuals who were lost that day.

Museum of Osteology

A very strange, yet most interesting place is the Museum of Osteology, which displays skeletal structures of hundreds of animals. All the big mammals to the tiniest creatures in lifelike poses for your admiration and familiarity.


For more outdoor strolling and entertainment, you can visit Bricktown. A red-brick set up for dining, shopping, fun, and sports.

Oklahoma City is pacing fast with innovations and development. Your business can also associate with the progress of monthly low-budget printers and copiers. Copier Lease Center is at your service. Call now to know more.


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