Non Profit Copier Leasing

Nonprofits can benefit from leasing copiers

Today’s nonprofits are high tech and high touch, meaning that they make use of the latest in office technology while remaining in touch with those they serve. This is why it makes sense for nonprofit organizations to consider leasing copiers. Like for-profit companies, a nonprofit should have the latest office technologies if it is to operate efficiently and use the majority of its resources to carry out its mission. This means finding a way to finance equipment such as copiers. Nonprofits use copiers for everything from printing fundraising materials to making multiple copies of grant applications and annual reports. Board members and other stakeholders expect these items to look professional, while being budget friendly.

Leasing a copier is an acceptable practice for nonprofit organizations and is a way to stretch the budget. A leased copier provides a nonprofit organization with the capacity to make color copies, print reports and perform other tasks that might otherwise be sent to an outside printing service. The cost of leasing a copier can be less than buying a light-duty copier for routine copying and having to outsource other printing tasks. Leasing also allows a nonprofit to upgrade to the best and latest technology without having to use outdated equipment for several years. Leasing can be financed, which also enables a nonprofit stay within the budget.


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