My Current Copier Does Bait and Switch, What Can We Do?

If you are working with a copier company today, it is possible you are dealing with a bad actor. Of course, there are many quality copier companies out there, but what do you do when the copier you are leasing isn’t the copier you get?

We have been in the copier business about 15 years, and though 99% of the competive deals we see is all legitimate, there is a small minority that have issues. So, what can you do if you thought you were leasing one copier and then you got something completely different.

In this article we will cover some tactics used by bait and switch artists and what you can do to combat these people if you run across them.

Mismatching Quote and Products

One of the key giveaways you are dealing with a bait and switch on your company is when the quote you get is totally different than the one you were quoted. Usually this comes with some lame reasoning. This is not normal a simple mistake like calling the Xerox Versalink C7120 T2 the Xerox Versalink C7120. This is more like getting a 65 page per minute production copier and then when it arrives, it is a 20 page per minute office copier.

Of course, the 20 page copier has a place. It just should not show up in leiu of a 65 page per minute light production copier.

Advertising In Stock, but Actually Special Order

Another mistake we have seen is a company saying is a copier is in stock, but really it is in distribution and they may not have the copier at all. Some will quote the copier and then try and figure out the math after the fact.

If you are looking at a Xerox AltaLink C8130 and it says, in stock, our belief is you should be able to get it.

Changing Makes and Models, Another Potential Bait and Switch

This would look something like, an ad for a specific copier and when you inquire about the copier, there is no talk about it, but why you should get another copier. One would think if that copier is the copier that made you call, then it would be worth quoting that copier. We believe in quoting the copiers we advertise.

Buying New, Getting Used

This is a crazier one, where the dealer sells a copier as NEW but it is actually a used copier. This is why getting a meter read is always a good idea, to be sure the copier you thought you were getting is the copier you actually get.

If you would like to work with a company that sells what we advertise, give us a call. Of course, if a product isn’t available, we will tell you why and when to expect it. After than, we may suggest other alternatives.

We are looking forward to working with you on your copier lease!


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