Most Popular Copier Companies

Most Popular Copier Companies – Who Qualifies?

Are you trying to see who the most popular copier company is today? Maybe you found this page because you are looking to get a copier, and having the most popular seems like a good place to start.

We have been selling copiers and supporting them for over 10 years, and have experience working with many of the copiers in the market.

For today’s article, we are going to focus on which copier manufacturers are popular and why. Let’s get started:

Xerox Corporation

When you invent the copier, it is likely you are going to be pretty popular and relevant to the question of which copier company is the most popular. Chester Carlson is the godfather of the copy machine and has really helped launch an industry we all owe him a debt of gratitude.

Xerox Corporation has even had to try and protect their branding becuase their name became so synonymous with the copier, they were afraid they were going to lose their trademark. Xerox Corporation is by far the most popular copier maker. We do sell Xerox copiers.


HP has been trusted by IT professionals for years, and their business copiers and commercial copiers have been trusted for decades. Having the Laserjet series of printers and copiers has made a massive impact and especially at the consumer level, it is possible HP is even more popular than Xerox for popularity.


Canon is often voted as the line of the year and has an extremely loyal following in the copier industry. We have seen Canon as a leader in quality and has gained a lot of focus in the market. Canon was behind a lot of the HP printer engines in the past.

Konica Minolta

Another key player in the copier, multifunction printer and office equipment industry is Konica Minolta. Historically from the Minolta side, they were into cameras and optics, they have a great history with scan and image technologies.


Ricoh has also been a strong player in the digital copier world with exremely popular devices for businesses. They also go by names like Savin and Lanier.


Other players in the copier machine industry are Toshiba, Lexmark, Samsung, Sharp, Kyocera Mita, Brother, Epson, and Okidata. We are probably missing a few brands here too.

Our final answer is the Xerox copier is the most popular copier company. Next would be HP, then Canon.

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