Maximizing Your Copier’s Capabilities for Marketing Materials

Graphic designers and marketing teams have very specific needs and requirements when it comes to their output. Not only does the copy and design reflect the quality of their work, so does the physical output they present to their clients.

Imagine designing a flyer which has taken your team 3 weeks to get the exact Pantone color approved as well as finding the perfect design and the best fonts. It looks amazing on your screen, but when it is printed, it looks nothing at all like what you have on your monitor. We understand your marketing materials are more than just the digital assets, but also the physical assets which come from your copier.

We have helped companies find the right copiers for their needs for over 10 years. Whether they are a graphic design shop or a marketing agency, our team works with your staff to find the perfect copier for you. 

With all of that being said, here are some ways we have seen the marketing departments make the best use of their copiers.

#1 – Have the Right Drivers Set Up

If you have the wrong driver, or a generic one, you will likely get colors you are unhappy with. In general, we would suggest using the PostScript driver for accurate color registration (assuming you don’t have Fiery), and then PCL, and then the Universal driver. Be aware each of these drivers handle color slightly differently, so each driver will come with it’s own benefits and drawbacks. Since most graphics are natively done in an Adobe product, Postscript is generally the best choice for color quality.

#2 – Use the Right Paper

The quality of your paper will make a massive difference to the quality of your print. Better paper will display colors with more vibrant and accurate tones. If you need your flyers to be glossy, you need to get the right glossy paper to print on. 

Always be aware of the maximum thickness you need to print on because every printer has a thickness limit and most differ from one another. If you do a lot of cardstock, this is critical.

#3 – Use the Right Copier

If you are a print house or producing your critical marketing documents, you should consider having a production print device. If you are doing small runs, like MLS sheets for a realtor or small inserts for a small insurance company, you could consider using the embedded color technology first to see if the quality is sufficient. If it is not, you could add Fiery to a mid-class device. Making sure you have the right device is probably the most critical item to consider. With the right device, there are also the accessories to choose from (for example, do you need a finisher that can make booklets, do card stock, hole punch, C fold, etc?)

Choosing the right copier, using the right paper and printing with the right drivers will help your marketing team get the most out of your copiers. At Copier Lease Center, we have helped companies navigate these waters for over 10 years. Our team is devoted to helping you get the right copier that your organization will love. 

We have color specialists who can help as well as product specialists. Our aim is to ensure the marketing you produce from your copier reflects the quality of your team.

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