How we Help the Marketing Department

The marketing departments we work with are all about quality and consistency.  See if you can relate to Alan in our video series of a “typical” company and the roles each player has and how the driver is different for each person in an organization.


Are you a marketing pro who is concerned about color and the quality of the jobs you are doing?  We can help!

With Xerox, there are some amazing ways you can ensure the jobs you print are done professionally and cost effectively.

One of the first concerns we see from marketing teams is that color needs to be perfect and flexible.  That can be quite a trick.  How does the Xerox product accomplish these goals?

  • Color by Words.  Color by Words is part of the print drivers available on the advanced devices that takes ordinary language to make color changes.  If you want the blue to be darker, you don’t have to say move the black from 50 to 60 and also the cyan – you choose the dropdowns and choose to make Blue a “Little Darker”  It is pretty sweet, you can even make reds look black or another color.  It is great when you are wanting to see, “what would this look like in this other color?”
  • Fiery – For those who are ultra sophisticated, Xerox offers Fiery on many of their copier engines at a much lower cost than competitors.  Fiery is generally useful when there is an exact color profile needed.  In some cases people will even get a photospectrometer to ensure the color of the paper is accounted for within their print jobs.
  • Thick paper – in the AltaLink series, which is based using LED technology, you can generally go up to 300gsm rather than 216gsm most laser based copiers stop at – paper can be roughly 30 to 35% thicker.
  • Language Apps – The Xerox language app is available and can turn a marketing document and help you translate it into 40+ different languages for all your clients.

Marketing departments love the color quality they get from their Xerox machines and with the special programs available from Xerox to help out with color quality and workflow, any marketing department will love what we have to offer.

For mailing houses, we also offer folders and inserters from Formax which makes post processing much easier.  If you are printing 10,000 flyers and need C folds or Z folds or other folds – then we have machines that will work amazing for that as well.  Maybe you need to have a color brochure go out with a letter and have that C folded and put into an envelope that seals.  We have all these solutions available for you.

One final thing we offer which marketing people love is the Unibind book making machine.  This machine is available for FREE when a company purchases or leases a copier from us.  All you have to do is buy a few hundred bucks worth of supplies to use in the book making machine.

You can get rid of the old comb binding machines and replace them with a more modern and professional (even custom) book for your clients.  We can get you samples so you can see what is available or just follow this link to see all the types of covers available and see our video so you can see how it works.


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