Leasing Xerox Altalink Copiers

If you are looking at a copier quote for a Xerox Altalink copier lease, we can help you determine if this is the right copier for you.

We are nationally authorized to sell and lease Xerox copiers, including the copiers in the Altalink family, so we would love to help you.

In this article we will discuss when the Xerox Altalink series makes sense, and when you should consider the Xerox Primelink or the Xerox Versalink series instead

The Basics

The Xerox Altalink series is a middle of the road, high quality copier. In the car world, it would be like a Toyota Camry or a Honda Civic. We sell this one most often to businesses who have at least 5 to 10 team members and who want a copier that gives great quality prints as well as doesn’t break all the time.

If you are trying to get a copier as cheap as possible, looking at the Xerox Versalink family would be a better plan. If you care the most about print quality and you do a lot of print, the Xerox Primelink will make more sense for your company.

The Models

The common models you will see in the Xerox Altalink family are as follows:

Color Copiers

  • Xerox Altalink C8130
  • Xerox Altalink C8135
  • Xerox Altalink C8145
  • Xerox Altalink C8155
  • Xerox Altalink C8170

Black and White Altalink Copiers

  • Xerox Altalink B8145
  • Xerox Altalink B8155

The last 2 digits on the copiers above are the print speed of that copier. So a C8135 goes 35 pages per minute.

Cost to Lease a Xerox Altalink Copier:

If you are getting a quote for under $125 per month, buyer beware. Even the C8130 is generally more expensive than this, the base model under special buying programs and rebates could get to this level, but a much more normal number would be about $175 per month. Then each 10 page per minute speed increase will normally add about $25 per month.

Of course, if you want an actual quote, we are happy to get you a quote to lease a Xerox Altalink copier. We just need your information and what you are looking for and how many, then we can help you get the pricing you need for a Xerox Altalink copier lease.


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