Leasing Copiers for Nationwide Locations

Do you have a company with locations around the country, or at least multiple offices in the same region? It can be confusing who to use at each of the offices, so we would like to make it easier to use us for all your locations around the USA.

We have helped companies with 5 to 10 locations in a city to companies who have 30 to 50 locations around the country that all need a supplies and service plan.

Partnerships Matter

If a copier company is going to offer nationwide leasing of copiers, the partnerships they carry will have the biggest impact for your customer support and copier service.

There are a couple of ways a copier company will work on these locations. One, they can use the manufacturer to cover the locations around the USA they don’t have easy access to with one of their technicians. Option B, probably a little more popular is to work with another copier company in that area at a reduced rate to earn your business in the out of market location.

We partner with Xerox to do support and also with Canon dealers around the country. These are the two brands we have a good national coverage strategy for (and HP printers, but those are easier.)

What Happens if a Partner Fails?

This is a situation we always hope doesn’t happen, especially when our clients are getting good copier service from these partners. It can happen, when it does, it will normally fall on us to find an alternative and suffer through it. The notable exception is when we let you know there is limited or no coverage for a brand of printer or copier and you buy it anyway (even if from us), because in the unique case, you were warned and suggested strongly not to do it.

Our team can help you with copiers all over the USA. We can help you get the copier you deserve at a price you can afford. Let us know if you are looking for a copier!


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