Leasing Copiers for Home Users

One of the interesting things we are finding with this COVID economy is there are many professionals who are working from home and who need small units at their home to stay productive, but do not necessarily want to buy a unit from the big box stores because those units break and it is hard to get set up help and the necessary functions.

We are working with a law firm that has 100 attorneys, and the IT department does not like the idea of every user going out to get themselves a unit. Just as scary is them buying 100 users and trying to remotely set up each user and manage ink and repairs.

We have a team that helps with remote installs. So the basic format would look like this for them.

  • Spend under $500 per unit for a copier that works and can be covered cheaply.
  • Service cost is roughly $5 per month
  • Supplies cost is about 2 cents a page

We do the rest for them. We get the devices to report meter reads. We send techs when needed.

That’s it. No crazy burden on IT, no dealing with 100 different printers and copiers that users buy, no spending 5 cents a copy or 25 cents a color copy for inkjet the users go out and buy on their own.

Do you have dozens or hundreds of important professional users you would like on a program like this? We can help!

Do you really want the professionals buying something for their home office your team will have to support or would you rather work with a company who has a solution to keep the headache away from IT all about the same cost as if you buy from one of the Big Box stores but with actual people to help with the install, reporting and maintenance of your fleet?


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