Leasing a New Xerox Copier

Are you in the market for a new copier, maybe your lease is coming to the end of its term. You have to make a choice on a new copier in an uncertain market. Do you get something that worked for the past 5 years, or do you consider new items like remote working and working from home as part of the metric you use on a new copier lease.

If you have a C60 with fiery, does the next copier you get need to be as big as the C60 or does it need fiery and should it be $400 to $500 a month, or should you be looking at a C8030 with or without the fiery at half the price? Maybe the C8030 makes more sense in the short run, but in the long run, the C60 makes more sense.

It is a tricky time to be making long term committments. We understand the struggles you may be facing when looking at the short term fear and uncertainty and looking at the long term of when things return to some degree of “normal.”

We know different businesses have different needs, which is why we work hard to build solutions that match each business owners’ personal ambitions. We can do short term or long term contracts. We work with you to have the perfect solution. Maybe that means a rental to hold you over for now? We know solutions could wind up looking like a lot of different things.

If you need a copier and want to discuss your options, we are here to chat!


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