Leasing a Copier for an Out of State Office

If you are a larger company who has offices in more than just a single corporate location, there can be some special parts of copier leasing which applies to you that would not apply to the single office client.

We have helped companies get copier leasing all over the USA over the past decade, and we would love to help you with your copier fleet regardless of the state or the number of locations you have.

In this article, we will cover some of the small things to consider which is different for companies with out of state offices.

How Many Offices?

The first question, is how many offices are there. If it is simply 1 office in a somewhat local area, then it probably doesn’t matter too much how you tackle it. It won’t make a lot of extra work. However, if you have 20 offices spread all over the country, the lift starts to look different.

We work with an agriculture company who has 20 plus locations, some of them in super remote farming communities. This client, if they treated each site independently, would have a lot more work to support the client. They would need to find at least 40 copier companies to talk to (one they go with and a competitive quote.) They would need to determine, what is fair based on the remoteness of client compare to, their Atlanta area office. Then they would have to manage 20 different supplies flow systems and service call methods. One for each of their offices.

When they work with us, they get nationwide copier support, and because of this, there is just one process, one type of form and 1 number to call. Is it possible their prints in Atlanta could be a little cheaper if they broke that office away? Sure, but trying to save 1/10 of a cent would cost a ton more in human training and frustration.

Normally, when you go with a nationwide copier leasing provider, like us, you are not trying to get the lowest of the low pricing at each location. You are looking to get competitive pricing as well as a simplified process.

Shipping Copiers Back

Besides the hassles of process, and the simplicity of just dealing with 1 company. There is another benefit of working with a company who can deal with nationwide copier sales. At the end of the lease, copiers have to be sent back. As part of the lease, this will generally fall on you as an expense. If your copier company is inexperienced, or doesn’t have a team that can handle nationwide copier returns, this can become an expensive part of your copier contract.

In Conclusion

For most companies who have dozens of locations, they should be working with a company who can do nationwide copier leasing. This is an important thing because it will save your team tremendous amount of process across the country. You’ll have one training document regarding copiers which will be used all over the country, rather than 20 seperate documents, or contracts all handled at the local offices. Isn’t it better to have one point of contact at corporate to negotiate a good rate for the whole company rather than 20 people all doing their own rates?

We can help you get copiers for all of your locations across the USA.


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