Lead Time is 6 Weeks? What? Why?

One of the answers you may have heard from your copier dealer is it is 6 weeks, (or more!) before they can deliver, install and get you a copier. There is some feeling that maybe this is another of the CoVid excuses, but, unfortunately there are market forces at play which can make this a legitimate answer from copier companies today.

We have worked around this answer by buying a lot of inventory, but why would anyone say this when not so long ago all this was being drop shipped and products were super easy to come by?

First, there is CoVid. Yes, that’s still a thing when it comes to lead times. The why on this is because lead times have been impacted. Most of it due to labor shortages, making it harder to get not only products (they need people to put the copiers together), but also trucks, installers, etc. Everything got more tricky when there weren’t enough workers to get everything that needed to be done accomplished.

This is probably accounting for about 1/2 of the delay.

The other main issues are chip shortages and shipping bottlenecks.

Chips have been overused and many going to PC’s and other technologies, and this is creating issues where then, because of supply and demand, the chips for copiers are also unavailable. This is a massive issue when it comes to toners as well because then you can have the toner cartridge all but built, but not be able to print because it is missing the chip.

Next, you have shipping bottlenecks. This could be something as simple as the ports being backed up from other shipments, to not having enough parts to be able to complete builds. So, this is a tricky problem for every copier dealer today.

This is why we decided to buy dozens of copiers to put into stock to be sure we could skip a lot of the lag time issues others are suffering from. If you need a copier, asap, then definitely give us a call to see how we can help!


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