Making Life Easier for the IT Department

We have a series we made to highlight the concerns felt by each department in a “typical” company we work with.  For the IT Department, we would like you to meet Joe and see if you share any of his concerns.

We work with IT departments to help reduce the workload and ensure the time you spend supporting the clients is not all spent on the copiers and printers.  Here are some of the ways we help IT departments and how we address the concerns IT people may feel when it comes to their networks.

We have a software agent which is installed on the enduser computer OR (better) a server that can connect with the copier.  How this helps you is it allows the client to not only order their own toner, but also to order their own service for the machine.  We can even tie each device with specific users who gets the call from Xerox to troubleshoot the simple issues.

If you would like to see the security whitepaper on the Xerox Device Agent, this link should help out so you can see exactly what this software is doing on the network.  If you have specific questions or concerns, we can always involve a Xerox network engineer to help explain any nuance you have concerns about.  Here is the security white paper.


How the software that gets installed helps make the IT professional’s life easy.


  • It allows toner orders to be either automated or initiated by the user.  Which reduces frantic calls from endusers who are annoyed you missed ordering an extra for the shelf.
  • If a service call is needed, the user is able to place the call and follow up to ensure they get the service they need.
  • It enables you to be on a program where all of the toner costs are fixed.  No worrying about hitting budgets because people are purchasing the wrong toners.
  • Allows you to see the status of all the printers on the network (not just the ones under contract) – you can see what the exact error is without the client having to describe the error to you.

Other ways Copier Lease Center is good for companies IT teams –

One of the things we can do is remote in with a user and help the user know what to do.  If they cannot figure out how to change driver settings we actually log in with them and help them make the appropriate settings, without violating the defaults set at the beginning of our agreement.

We make videos for users to help them know how to do things.  We use these videos as a training tool, so when new staff come on, they have resources to know what to do.

We make user books to help the user know exactly what to do when confused.  Our books cover items like – How do I order toner?  How do I place a service call?  How do I recycle toners? What happens if the copier keeps breaking?   What do I do if I am getting an “incompatible toner error?”

We believe if the enduser has more tools to help them, it takes a burden off of IT to support the devices.

What else does Xerox do as it pertains to security and copiers?


 So, our priorities for IT specialists are twofold – 1.  Make it easier for you.  2.  Make sure our solutions are secure and won’t cause network issues.


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