How to Move a Large Copier

When you are going from one business location to another, there is often a need to move a copier across town. Sometimes, the question can come from when you need to ship the copier back at the end of the lease. The answer for how to move a large copier will vary based on how far you are trying to move it and how much you are willing to spend to move the copier or multifunction printer.

We have helped companies with their copiers over the course of 15 years with all sorts of moves.

In this article, we will discuss moving the copier locally, moving it in the same city and moving it nationally.

Local – In Office – Copier move

This one is probably the easiest and the one which should most likely be free. Now, where it can get more complicated is when you have finishing units attached to the mainframe of the copier unit.

  • If you are moving the copier from one room to another, there will be a few items to consider.
  • Floor surface (will it roll on it – i.e. not carpet or uneven surfaces?)
  • Cables unplugged? (Always make sure all the cables are disconnected from the wall before attempting to move the copier)
  • Clear pathway? (Move what needs to be moved before it gets there)
  • Power available? (We have moved copiers before and then realized there wasn’t power or the wrong power on production print machines were at the destination)
  • Ethernet available? (Will it be able to be on the network?)

Once these items are settled, you will want to have a couple of people who carefully roll the copier from point A to point B. Making sure the wheels are not locked and it is actually rolling. On the finisher, it is a judgment call. We have taken off finishers because of doors or the surface being too uneven and we have left them on when smooth and we had the room. The finisher can get damaged if the tile is super bumpy and you are going over it and jolting it too much.

Move a copy machine across the city

When you move a copier across the city, you will have all of the items from the inter office move to think about, plus a few extra steps to be really sure about.

  • Networking – If moving across the city, it is almost certain your network settings will change, be prepared for this with IT or your copier dealer.
  • Van or truck – However you choose to move it, the device needs to be secured well to avoid heavy bumping as it travels. Be careful when strapping it in not to break plastic on drawers etc.
  • Unloading – if you are using ramps to get the copier in and out of vans, then obviously be careful unloading them as they are heavy. Go slow when possible. If you let the copier go full speed down a ramp and then it gets to the ground, it would probably break the plastic wheels.
  • Insurance – If you are hiring a local company, make sure the office equipment is insured for physical damage.

Once you get it to the new office, you will set it in place, connect all the networking, power it on and go through the installation process.

Moving a copier nationwide – End of copier lease

If you are leasing a copier, you may have to send it back at the end of the lease. When you lease an office copy machine, there is an expectation you will send it back to the leasing company. Often, this is states away, and not the local dealer.

In this case, we would would suggest hiring a company to move the copier for you. We find most of the time the cost should be more than $400 and less than $1000. Now there is a lot that goes into it. Where is the copier, where is it going? What is the size? Is there one or multiple, etc.

If you need help with a copier move, please give us a call. We can help you get a new copier lease and help you get the old copier back to the current leasing company without more troubles and bills.


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