How Often Should a Copier Break?

How Often do Copiers Break?

When you have a piece of office technology, it can be a bit of a mystery on what to expect. If you are leasing a copier, you may have had quality issues and are finding the copier is breaking a lot.

We have helped companies deal with copiers that have service issues for years. Our printer repair and copier technicians have seen about every problem under the sun.

We wanted to cover what is a reasonable number of service calls and what can you do if you feel you are having too many copier issues for your company.

How Many Service Calls is Too Many?

Ideally, a copier would never break. When it does, it can be a big pain and cause a lot of headaches for the user. In a perfect world a copier would never break and always be able to be used. Even in a world that is less than perfect, wouldn’t it be nice to partner with a copier dealer who expects some issues with a copier, but wants to minimize the risks.

We understand every copier breaks from time to time. It is part of why our company exists. We also know the more issues you have with your repair service, the less likely you will be to renew your copier lease in the next round.

Printer Supplies a Cause of Needing Repairs

One of the main reasons we see customers putting in a service ticket is because their printer supplies are out or because they are defective.

Printer supplies being out falls on both the dealer as well as the client. Ideally, a dealer would auto ship supplies to the client to ensure they had everything they needed before it was necessary. On the other hand, software can be inaccurate from time to time (or if a copier is no longer on the network), so it would also be nice if clients were periodically checking to ensure they had one spare of each item. Even if this was simply a once a month check.

Simple Mechanical Fixes

The next most common reason for a service tech being called is because the paper jammed, the network changed, or a sensor got dirty.

If your paper jams, you want to clear the jams in the same direction as the paper travels. If you go the other way, you can make the jam worst and perhaps damage the printer.

It is easy to tell what way the paper goes, because it moves easy going in one direction and doesn’t move at all going the other way. You want to go the direction where paper can move easily.

Waiting on Parts

The worst part about getting your copier fixed when it breaks is waiting on parts. This can be a long process that takes days, even weeks at time. This is why it is nice to work with a company with a larger parts warehouse on the commonly sold printers, your multifunction printer, or copiers.

If your copier company has the parts available, it makes repairs of the copier or printer go a lot faster. Maintenance generally depends on the availability of the copier technician as well as the copier parts to be able to get the job completed.

We Help You Get Fantastic Printer Service

If you have a Xerox, Canon, HP printer, or Konica Minolta copier that needs repairs we would love to help. One easy way to see if you have the right copier for your job is to look at the duty cycle and then take 10% of that number and compare that to the average number of prints you do each month.

If your printer is breaking too often, it is likely you are running the printer or copier too much and that is causing the issue.

If you would like to chat more about copiers, printers, document management or your copier machine questions, we would love to help any of our clients or potential clients.

A reasonable number of times a copier should break would be about once every 3 months (taken as an average). Any more than that, something probably isn’t quite right for the environment

Give us a call so we can talk with you and provide assistance for whatever copier or printer you need for your office.


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