How Much Per Month for a Copier Lease?

One of the questions you may have been curious about is how much a copier costs to lease per month. The simple answer would be “it depends….”

That being said, there are some reasonable ranges we can let you know about, because the copier tends to be very customized. There are certain items that will add to or take away from the normal monthly payment.

  • What size of paper do you need to print on?
  • Do you need stapling?
  • How many pages do you print per month?
  • Is the copier new or used?

As you start to answer these questions, ranges will develop.

We would say it is pretty rare to get a functioning copier for less than $40 per month. It is equally rare to pay over $400 per month. Now, we understand this is a massive range. The average copier would probably lease between $125 and $200 per month. Especially if it can do 11 x 17 paper.

We can help you get a copier lease and the other major thing would be is if you have lease buyout to deal with on your next copier. Ultimately, leasing a copier should be an easy thing to get done. The only thing we didn’t include in this, is the supplies and service costs. This, like the copier, depends on the volume of prints you plan to do. For low volume (less than 1000 color prints per month) – around 9 or 10 cents a page is average. The cheapest color gets for most people is about 5 cents a page, but that is with a large unit and a lot of prints.

If you have questions about how copier leasing costs work, please reach out so we can get you a quote!


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