How a Copier’s End of Life Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars

Copier manufacturers relentlessly push their new copiers out into the field, and they’re even more proactive when taking their older models out of circulation.

Why are manufacturers so quick to discontinue older models and take them off the market as quickly as possible? The law requires copier manufacturers to keep parts of old copiers in circulation for five years from the date they discontinue that model.

Copier companies aren’t like high-end printer companies like HP and Xerox, who will leave parts for old printers on the market. Once that fifth anniversary comes up, copier manufacturers immediately take the parts of that model off the market.

If you want parts for any copier that has been discontinued for more than five years, You’re much better off getting a new copier. The inflated price you’d pay for parts (if you can find them) wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

How Do Copier Reps Take Advantage Of This Situation?

A copier rep will tell you that the copier you’re looking to buy has been discontinued, and getting parts and service for it will be much more difficult as a result. However, they happen to have a shiny new model ready for you at only $50 more per month.

They forget to tell you that the copier has been discontinued for about a year, and it has about four more years of service life.

Not everyone knows this five-year rule, and copier reps certainly won’t volunteer that information to you. They want a new sale and the less information you have to make the right decision, the higher the chances become for them to make that new sale.

Here’s How End of Life Can Save You Money On Your Next Lease.

Pay attention to the exact date the copier manufacturer discontinued that specific copier model.

If the discontinuation date were three or more years ago, that copier would not likely be worth your time. The lease will run out on it, and you’ll eventually be stuck with a copier for which you can’t service or get parts to fix it once it breaks down on you.

However, if you find a copier that got discontinued two years ago or less, you have a copier with a decent service life on it and may last you for the duration of your lease. Take this copier, sign a lease on it with an end date that comes before its end of service date, and you can save yourself hundreds of dollars by the time you finish your lease.


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