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Whether you root for the Jayhawks, Wildcats or Shockers, we are here to help you get the best copier deal possible. Perhaps you run a medical billing office in Kansas City, or you are looking to continue to grow your business in Salina.

Either way, we can get you the copier you need. Just fill out the form on our website, and we will provide you with a quote later that day, and the copier will be delivered the following day. During this process, we will also speak with you to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible and that all of your copier needs are being met.

Although businesses located in and near Kansas City are appreciative of our services, some feel that our greatest value is providing copiers for places located a little more off of the beaten path, like Liberal and Dodge City. However, our quality service and timeliness are available to everybody located in the Sunflower State.

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Where to Lease a Copier and Save Money

Kansas has multiple copier vendors, but you can never tell which ones you can depend on for a lease. You do not want to go through anyone for a lease. Before you sign that leasing contract, check the terms and responsibilities of the contract: Who does it favor? If it seems like everything has been written to favor the leasing company, then don’t walk, run the other direction.

When you visit a vendor, you want to check to make sure the vendor is on your side for the lease. There are many horror stories about companies that leased a copier and wound up paying thousands of dollars extra, or they were stuck with a lemon. Check to see if the contract provides the customer with a satisfaction guarantee. This says that in the event that you do lease a lemon, you can trade it in and get a new copier. A handy clause that could protect you from wasting thousands of dollars.

If you want to visit a trustworthy and reputable establishment, you can always come see us. We offer experience to our customers who are considering signing a lease, and we can help them to navigate the pitfalls of leases. We have seen numerous customers lease copiers, so we understand what to do and what to avoid with leases. Especially when you are signing your first lease, you need someone who can help you to understand the subtle intricacies of leasing a copier.

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