Georgia Copy Machine Whether you’re a Dawgs fan or you prefer the Falcons, we can help you find the best deals on copiers available. With the surge of business in Georgia lately, it can be difficult to find any quality office equipment – everyone needs it!

No matter whether you are a sailboat tour company in Savannah or a military contractor in Columbus, you’ll need a copier. Luckily for you, our national sales group can help you find the copier you need, at a price you can afford. And included in that low price is Xerox support; if the copier decides to be finicky, the service team will be dispatched quickly to help you get back to work fast.

Georgia Copy Machine Rental

No matter where you are in Georgia or what you do, you don’t deserve to spend insane amounts of money on a copier. We can help you find the best deals out there. With us, you can:

Get a quote through email – no need to take time out of your day for a physical meeting.
Get a quote the same day – we’re fast like that.
Get the best possible deal for your situation.
Get next day Xerox service no matter where you are.

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Comparing Leasing Rates in Atlanta

You need to lease a copier, but you do not know how to compare rates. What do you do? One method you can use is known as a copier lease rate comparison, which gives you the lease rates on all major copier brands. However, you must consider more than the rate that you see upfront. Leasing companies know how to lure customers into signing with them, and you must ask about hidden fees, shipping fees and toner fees. Numerous factors go into the total cost of a lease, so you cannot look at the initial comparison price alone: It is misleading. Contact each carrier and ask about the details within the lease.

Do the leasing terms favor the leasing company? You do not want to sign a contract that gives them too much advantage because you will be at their mercy. While comparison shopping can be useful, it can also be exceptionally misleading. Look at the leasing company’s reputation and ask for multiple references.

Here at our copier business in Atlanta, we believe that educating our customers is the first step to reaching a deal. We want our customers to feel satisfied with lease they signed, and we hope that they will save money on it. You want to use a vendor that has your best interests at heart. We can help you to compare rates in a true manner to help you decide on leasing the copier that will save the most money.

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