Full Bleed Prints on a Copier

Cut True Copier If you are looking to print flyers and you don’t want a small white border, you are not alone.  Most companies who print their own flyers deal with the small amount of white that surrounds the document as part of the standard laser copier.

What if you prefer to have border less color prints?  If that is the goal, it is by all means possible.  What it will require is a cutter to help trim the documents and get rid of the white border you are seeing.  Now we aren’t talking about the cutters you may have used in your High School or Junior High days.  We mean a cutter that does accurate and thick stacks of paper.

This cutter may be an overkill for some, but for high volume printing, it is fantastic.

Does everyone need to trim the edges of their documents?  Of course not.  However, the pickier you get, the more getting a cutter makes sense.  It is much cheaper than a $40000 copier and can help you get the exact look you want.  Some are under $1000 ($25 per month) Some are $3000 to $4000 ( $60 to $80 per month).  The more you think “we want to print all of our materials without edges.

All copiers will have an edge of white on all their prints.  If you need to go all the way to the edge, good news is you can by getting a good cutter.

Here is a fantastic cutter that is under $1000.

We would love to help you with your next copier and make your marketing department super happy as well as the financial people.


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