Fresno, California

Copier Lease Center has been helping businesses in Fresno, California, with its quality printers and copiers. It is one of the major cities in the San Joaquin Valley and is the largest city in Central Valley. 

Fresno is the most populous inland city in California and is the 34th most populous city in the US. The city is named after the abundant ash trees which line the San Joaquin River. Fresno was founded as a railway station for Central Pacific Railroad. It has ever since become the economic hub of this region. 

The city has many sights and attractions to love. Such as:

Forestiere Underground Gardens 

The Gardens are located within 10 miles of downtown, and it are a unique example of human engineering. They’re an excellent activity to do in summer. 

These underground gardens were first developed back in the early 1900s. Since then, more and more underground passageways and rooms have been built for different fruit-bearing trees. 

Woodward Regional Park

Woodward is a 300-acre park located on the northern end of the city. The park has a bird sanctuary, a Japanese garden, and many gazebos that you can reserve. You will find paved roads and dirt hiking trails with plenty of public space. 

Downtown Fresno

As Fresno is the largest inland city of California, downtown Fresno has undergone a vast development effort that has made it a central attraction in the city. 

Right at the heart of this region is the Courthouse Park with Fresno County Superior Court. Fresno City Hall is there too, along with the historic Water Tower. 

The Blossom Trail

Fresno receives many colors in the Spring season due to the nut and fruit orchids in the southeastern end of the city. It indicates the abundance of agriculture in this region. The Blossom Trail is a 62-mile trail with biking and driving routes. 

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