Don’t get Tricked by Copier Shipping

If you have been reading our blog for a while then you know we like to expose places where other leasing companies might take advantage of you. Today, we will talk about a large point that is often overlooked—copier shipping. This is something you will have to worry about at the end of your lease. However, just because it’s on the back end does not mean it isn’t important. Copier Shipping

When you are returning a copier after your lease is expired it is someone’s responsibility to ship the copier back. Many people think this responsibility will fall on the leasing company. However, it is usually up to the person who signed the lease to return the copier. This can lead to trouble down the road.

It can cost hundreds of dollars to return your copier if you don’t plan ahead. This can be a devastating expense, especially for small businesses that live in the margin. Leasing companies know how badly this fee can affect you, and use this point against you whenever they can.

Here is what they will try and do. They know you do not want to pay the fee so they offer you a deal. If you resign with the same company, then they will pay the shipping fee. This is an alright deal if you cannot afford the payment, but it leaves you no choice but to deal with the same leasing company that tricked you.

If you are aware of these stipulations beforehand then you can plan ahead. You can talk with your leasing company and see if you can work something out before you sign. If you know that you don’t want to work with the leasing company in the future then consider seeking out a shipping company far in advance. If you take the time to find a deal then you can save yourself money when your lease ends.


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