Copier Speed and Warm Up Time – Why the Difference Matters

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If you are looking at a copier, you may be overwhelmed at all the data your copier reps are throwing your way. They tell you about the “speeds and feeds.” You don’t know what to do with the data laid out in front of you.

However, in this gigantic data pile dropped in your lap, one item exists that copier reps neglect to share with you. The funny thing is, it can easily be the most critical specification in that entire information sheet.

The Most Important Copier Specification That’s Frequently Ignored

Copier reps will share the copier’s speed, but they forget to share the specs that translate into actual productivity. What is that one spec that they ignore?

That magic specification is warm-up time, and it means far more for office productivity than copier speed ever could.

Copier speed is how fast copiers can produce prints once the copier is warmed up. Warm-up speed is the amount of time a copier takes to warm up and spit out a copy, starting from the time a user presses the copy button.

Why Does Copier Warm Up Time Matter More Than Copier Speed?

In a typical office, a copier gets used once or twice every few hours. This gap in usage time allows the copier to cool back down. Once someone needs to use the copier, it needs to restart the entire warm-up process.

If you stand two copiers side by side, one could technically have a much faster copier speed. However, if you start the copying process on both machines simultaneously, the copier with lower speed could finish printing before the “faster” one starts. Why? The other copier warmed up faster.

Take the Fastest Copier For Your Job.

If your workers use your copier several times an hour, every hour? If so, then the copier won’t have a chance to cool down; it will run at peak efficiency for the entire day. In this situation, grab the copier with the higher copier speed.

However, if your business operates the same as almost every other business, and you have long gaps between usage, warm-up time will mean a great deal to your productivity. If your daily situation matches this scenario more closely, grab the copier that warms up faster.


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