Copier Leasing Companies Near Me – What to Know

We are a copier company who has been selling across the country since 2009. We have seen a lot when it comes to people getting good service and wanting to see where to get pricing. One common question we see is “Who are the copier leasing companies near me?” We want to cover this question, but also want to deal with some of the “gotchas” when it comes to copier service.

We realize there are some people who will only work with a company with a local office. If that is you, we have offices in Denver, Nashville, Atlanta, Virginia Beach, and Memphis.

For people wanting to find a reputable copier company with local service, this article is for you!

When – Near Me – Matters

Having a copier company near you does matter in some ways. For example, if the copier is dead, and you need a technician, it is good to have the copier company available to come over and help. Also if you run out of toner, maybe they have a spare toner on the shelf to help you get running faster. These are advantages when you are thinking about getting a copier company near you.

There are often relationships that get built between your company and the technicians from the local copier company. We have many of these same types of relationships. This gives comfort to you, because you know your copier will be taken care of.

When – Near Me – Doesn’t Matter

If you have a broken copier and your service technician is backlogged for a week because he or she is too busy with other calls. In this moment, it doesn’t matter they are close, it matters they cannot come fix the issue. We find when most people are asking if we are near them, they are not asking about where we are headquartered, they are making sure they can get service and we have service technicians near them.

We see many people think buying local is the only way to get a copier, but remember, the better copier manufacturers like Xerox, Canon, HP and Ricoh have ways for customers all over the country to get help from a local service technician. We only sell Xerox, Canon, and HP – but even a competitor like Ricoh can figure out how to make sure customers anywhere can be serviced.

Our entire product catalog can be found here.

Our Suggestion

Our suggestion if you are asking Google for – copier leasing companies near me – is to ensure the technicians who will be working on your copier is local. We would also suggest making sure these technicians carry parts. If they are local and available, but have no parts, you are going to be down more time.

We also would suggest looking at both A3 and A4 copiers if you only print letter/legal paper, because for some people they can use an A4 printer where most of the components are built into the cartridges, etc. This reduces how often a technician needs to be onsite (even if it does increase the cost per print some.)

We are able to service people all over the USA. We are able to deal with Alaska to California to Florida to Maine.


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