Copier Lease Center – Used, Refurbished, and New MFPs/Copiers

The main difference between refurbished and new MFPs is the price range. Refurbished basically run “like new,” while used copiers are ‘as is.’ The terms new, refurbished, and used are tossed around a lot in the technology sector, but just in case you do not understand the nuances of the three, this post will elaborate on them. The three terms make a significant difference in how the same make and model is priced. If you saw the same make and model for each three terms, the main difference you would notice would be the price tags.

New copiers are new, never used before, and will typically come at full market price. They come with the standard warranties, but if you get a lease, the lease will cover the cost of maintenance and repairs, generally. New copiers are expensive, and it does not make much business sense to purchase one at full price because they generally cost around $3,000-$10,000. If you see a new copier that you need and wish to purchase, you might fare better if you lease one to avoid all the financial headaches later. Refurbished copiers are not always used, and they are not always ‘refurbished.’ Sometimes, a business will open a packaged copier that was new, return it a few days later, only for the vendor to repackage the perfectly working copier and call it refurbished for a reduced price.


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