Copier Lease Agreements

Copier Leasing Agreements:

Most businesses have to deal with a copier lease agreement at some point.  What I wanted to do in this page was to take a Lease Agreement we have acquired through an internet search and go over what things mean withing and actual lease agreement.

In an effort to help those looking at leasing a copier, we have a video that was put together to help your business know what to look for when looking at a copier lease agreement.



Here are some common things you should look at when evaluating a copier lease.  How to avoid a bad copier lease –

  1. What type of lease is it?  Is it a $1 Out or a FMV Lease?  Either work well in different circumstances.  It is good to know the difference between a $1 Out and a FMV Copier Lease.
  2. Is there an escalation clause year to year or for copies or if a certain coverage limit is surpassed?
  3. Do you have to inform the leasing company of an intent to return 30 days prior?  60 Days prior?
  4. What happens if the copier is damaged?  What is the responsibility of the leasing company

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