Common Office Equipment Questions

kyocera-copier Because your expenses in the office will add up fast, you want to save where possible while staying competitive. Instead of sinking a large chunk of change into the latest copiers to stay up to speed, you can lease equipment and have capital leftover for other aspects of your business. Here are some common questions our copier company has run across.

The first one is, “How does leasing office equipment affect my credit?” This is probably one of the most attractive reasons to lease equipment. It does not affect your credit score at all. You might have a poor credit score and receiving a loan for purchasing a copier outright could be difficult, but with leasing, it becomes simple.

The second common question, “How will leasing influence my productivity?” because you are not purchasing a copier outright, you can oftentimes afford a copier that is more top of the line. Models that you previously considered expensive have suddenly become affordable. Leasing can definitely enhance productivity in the workplace because it allows you to have a better copier.

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