Common Copier Lease Mistakes

When leasing a copier, there are some common mistakes many folks make.  Here are some of the biggest mistakes people make when they lease a copier.

  • Many people lease a copier and get a FMV Lease when they don’t want to deal with shipping the copier back at the end of the lease.  If you want to keep the copier, or don’t want to deal with packaging a copier, it is better to get a $1 Out Lease.
  • When people get a copier, it is common to think they have to lease a copier to get a good supplies and maintenance program.  Supplies and maintenance can be purchased on their own.
  • Some folks forget to give proper notice to their current copier lease company, which causes the lease to automatically roll over.
  • Copier leases can end up costing more if you don’t check what the lease rate factor is.  Most people just accept what the lease rate factor is rather than making sure they get a fair rate.  It is odd because many spend weeks fighting over 1/10th’s of a penny on black and white.  It is always good to check and see what the lease rate factor is and what the interest rate is on the copier.

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