Commercial Copiers for Your Business: Lease or Buy?


A. Definition and purpose of a commercial copier: A commercial copier is an office copier tailored for businesses to produce high-volume, quality prints at remarkable speeds. Most commercial copiers combine copying, printing, scanning, and faxing functionalities, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses. 

B. Importance of selecting the right copier for your business needs: The appropriate commercial copier can supercharge your business operations. It’s not just about buying a machine; it’s about investing in efficiency, reliability, and long-term productivity.

As you are considering a commercial office copier, Pahoda Copiers & Printers will bring nearly 15 years of market experience to help aid you in your purchasing or leasing process. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies, as well as small local businesses, and we help companies all over the USA with their commercial copier leases. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about any of the topics we are going to be covering in this short guide.

Leasing vs. Purchasing a Commercial Copier

A. Pros and cons of leasing a commercial copier: Leasing can keep you equipped with the latest technology without the immediate financial burden. Monthly payments are predictable, and there may be tax benefits. However, over time, you may end up paying more than the machine’s outright purchase price, and you’re tied into a contract.

B. Pros and cons of purchasing a commercial copier: When you buy, you have an asset. No recurring monthly fees and the freedom to resell or upgrade as you see fit. However, the initial outlay can be high, and technology may outpace your model meaning you may need to replace the technology sooner than you were hoping due to quickly changing technology enhancements.

C. Factors to consider when deciding between leasing and purchasing: Your budget, need for up-to-date technology, potential tax advantages, and overall business strategy should guide your decision.

Key Concepts and Ideas for Leasing a Commercial Copier

A. Customer service and technical support: Reputable firms like Pahoda Copiers & Printers ensure continuous technical support and unparalleled customer service throughout your lease period.

B. Popular commercial copier brands suitable for leasing: 1. Xerox: Renowned models include the AltaLink, VersaLink, and PrimeLink. 2. Canon: Popular choices are the imageRUNNER and imagePRESS Lite series. 3. HP: Businesses often opt for the HP LaserJet or HP Color LaserJet series for their reliability and print quality. HP is the market leader for desktop commercial copiers.

C. Different types of leasing agreements available: Short-term vs. long-term leases offer varying commitment levels. Fair market value leases often have more manageable monthly payments with a final payment, while $1 buyout leases allow you to own the equipment for $1 at the lease’s end.

D. Features and specifications to consider when leasing a commercial copier: Ensure your leased machine matches your business needs, considering print speed, paper handling options, multifunction capabilities, image quality, and modern features.

Key Concepts and Ideas for Purchasing a Commercial Copier

A. Benefits of owning a commercial copier outright: Complete ownership, no monthly dues, and the potential to resell or upgrade on your terms.

B. Factors to consider when purchasing: Anticipate your print volume, understand the types of laser printers available and be aware of consumable costs like toner. This guide is for a commercial copy machine and not an inkjet printer. Keep in mind the criteria for lower-cost devices are far different than they are for office copiers. Also, 11×17 paper size has different costs than a letter/legal office copier.

C. Key features to eye when purchasing a commercial copier: A digital copier should offer high speed, a range of paper handling features, multifunction capabilities, outstanding image quality, and features such as wireless connectivity, a duplex automatic document feeder (for high volume scanning) and copier service. 

Another key consideration is device security, as copiers have become a way for cyber criminals to hack into networks. We always advise having a manufacturer’s product that is equipped to help keep your network secure and who does routine firmware update to assure ongoing device security.

Recapping Commercial Copier Acquisition

A. Recap of the main points: The debate between leasing or purchasing a commercial copier boils down to immediate vs. long-term benefits and costs.

B. Final considerations: Look beyond the initial price. Factor in maintenance, potential tax breaks, and how either choice aligns with your business’s future.

C. Importance of evaluating specific printing needs and budget: Whether leasing or buying, always ensure the choice fits snugly with your company’s operational and financial aspirations.

Considering a commercial copier solution tailored for your business? Connect with Pahoda Copiers & Printers for expert guidance and unbeatable deals today! We are here to ensure your business has the device that will help give you the appropriate speed, quality, and security for years to come!


1. Why should I consider laser printers over inkjets for my business? Laser printers, like the models we offer from Xerox, Canon, and HP, are designed for higher print volumes and consistent quality, making them ideal for most businesses.

2. How does the Canon imageRUNNER differ from the imagePRESS Lite series? The imageRUNNER series is versatile and perfect for day-to-day business operations, while the imagePRESS Lite series is designed for higher quality and volume, often used for professional print outputs.

3. Are there any hidden fees or charges in the leasing contracts? Every lease agreement is transparent, but it’s essential to understand terms like maintenance fees or potential overage charges. We recommend discussing these with our team to ensure clarity before signing.


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