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Columbia, SC Copier Leasing and Sales

If you are in Columbia, SC and need a copier, you should give us a call. We have copier leases for Columbia businesses. We work with multiple manufacturers to get you the best pricing and the most efficient copier for your users. 

What are some mistakes people make when they lease a copier?

Mistake #1 – Upgrading Too Early

Some customers are looking to get a copier when there are still two or three years left on their contract. Normally, we would suggest you start the process about six months before the end of the current contract. Then you would pull the trigger on the new agreement two to three months prior to the end of the current contract.

Mistake #2 – Waiting Too Long to Upgrade

The next mistake is waiting too long because a contract can automatically renew. When a copier automatically renews, it can add an extra year to the current contract. This means you’d be paying for another year when you could have a new copier.

Mistake #3 – Buying the Wrong Copier

If you just get whatever copier is put in front of you, that can be bad. Fortunately, most reputable copier companies will take the time to know and understand your needs. Our passion is to help you get the copier that has the best features for what you need.

Here are some of the copiers we have to lease:


HP Color Laserjet Managed E47528f

HP Color Laserjet Managed E57540DN

HP Color Laserjet Managed E67650DH

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Black and White

HP Laserjet Managed E42540f

HP Laserjet Managed E52645DN

HP Laserjet Managed E62655DN

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We are looking forward to chatting and ensuring you get the right copier for your business. We will help you with the installation and even have a service plan to cover not only service, but also your supplies.

We are available to talk and go over your current copier agreement, as well as provide options that would fit your company. Call us for a free quote in Columbia.


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