Choosing Pahoda: An Authorized Xerox Reseller

Navigating the world of office equipment can seem like a maze, but here’s some simple advice for you: always opt for trusted names and partners. Pahoda Printers & Copiers stands tall as an Authorized Xerox Reseller. But what does this distinction bring to the table for you? Well, let’s look at why this matters!

Nationwide Reach: Being an Authorized Xerox Reseller, we are empowered to sell Xerox products, including those stellar Xerox printers, across the vast expanse of the USA. So, no matter your location, from the sprawling landscapes of Texas to the bustling streets of New York, we’ve got your back.

Expert Assistance When You Need It: Ever found yourself in a jam with a copier or printer, longing for some expert guidance? Enter our authorized Xerox technicians. Trained and endorsed by Xerox, they ensure your copier repairs are done right, keeping your office printer humming smoothly.

A Fleet of Premium Models: Our authorized badge means we have unfettered access to some of the most sought-after models in the Xerox product line. Think Xerox AltaLink Series, the dynamic VersaLink, and the robust PrimeLink. This is next-level document management for businesses that demand nothing but the best.

Apps to Boost Productivity: Modern Xerox machines are designed to be smart. They’re enhanced with software solutions and apps to streamline tasks. From workflow solutions to print management, our Xerox lineup ensures your business needs are met with finesse.

Personalized Service, Nationwide Assurance

At Pahoda, we pride ourselves on delivering not just cutting-edge Xerox products, but also an unparalleled service experience, no matter where you are in the USA. How do we ensure consistent, top-tier service across the country? It’s through our collaboration with the Xerox Nationwide service team. This elite team, backed by rigorous training and hands-on experience, ensures that every customer under our service plan benefits from high-quality repairs and meticulous maintenance. 

But here’s what truly sets Pahoda apart: our human touch. When you call us, you aren’t left waiting in an endless automated loop. Our dedicated team is on standby, ensuring you speak directly to a real person who understands your needs and is committed to swift solutions. Because at Pahoda, every call, every question, is personal and important.

The Pahoda Promise

When you invest with Pahoda, you’re not just acquiring a machine or a multifunction printer; you’re entering a partnership. Our commitment to customer satisfaction runs deep. With genuine manufacturer parts and supplies, you’ve ensured longevity and exceptional print quality.

Your One-Stop Xerox Hub: Whether you’re keen on a copier lease, looking to buy an outright commercial copier, or need servicing for your existing equipment, Pahoda is your go-to. With access to Xerox technology and a focus on solutions tailored for both large enterprises and small businesses, we ensure you’re always ahead of the curve.

As an authorized reseller, Pahoda offers not just top-notch Xerox products but pairs them with stellar customer care. If you’re considering elevating your office’s printing equipment, remember: with Pahoda, you’re always in expert hands. Ready to explore? Let’s chat today!


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