Can I Change My Copier Lease Supplies Plan When I Want To?

One of the questions that is common is whether a supplies and service agreement can be changed mid-lease. This question is a good question, but there is some nuance behind it that make it difficult to give a simple yes or no answer.

How pricing happens on a copier lease:

One of the factors that makes this question difficult is there are different ways to price a copier lease. For a higher volume print customer, some dealers may choose to make the profit on the prints and “give away” the copier to ensure they can gain such a valuable client. If a dealer has done this in your situation, switching the supplies and service plan is tricky because most people only ask when they want the plan to be lower, not higher. If all the profit was expected in the plan, the dealer will be more unwilling to switch it because they still need to run a business.

However, if you have a bunch of units with the dealer on a service plan, it is more likely to be allowed, because the dealer doesn’t want to lose clients with multiple machines as multi copier install clients are more valuable to the dealer typically.

What should you do?

Our suggestion is to ask for what you want, what would it hurt? Just be aware if you are on a service contract for 5 years, the dealer isn’t under an obligation to concede to your wishes. The best approach is to be nice and explain what you are looking for and why. Many dealers will allow this because, ultimately, we find most copier dealers to be pretty reasonable when they are asked to do things like this.

Why would you want to switch supplies and service plans in the first place?

The normal reasons you might switch is an increase or decrease in print volumes (substantial) and the pricing is hoping to get the additional discount of a high volume client or reduce the cost for a low volume client. Another reason could be your company was sold or merged and now the contracts are all being looked at.

Time to upgrade your copier lease?

Another common time to look at contracts and usage is when you are renewing your copier lease. If you are in that stage, we would love to get you a quote. We deal with clients all over the USA on copier leasing and sales.


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