Business Owners

If you own the company, we focus on some key areas such as ease to work with as well as fair pricing.  See if you can relate to George’s concerns in our series of a “typical” companies uses.

When we deal with business owners, we run into a lot of the same thoughts that come across.

1.  I want something that works and isn’t breaking all the time

2.  I want something that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

How do we help our business owners with their goals?

  • Cost –  When we put together a quote, we ask questions about print volume and needed functions.  Then our proprietary tool will filter between roughly 300 devices and narrow down the 3 best options based on different factors – Long term price, short term price or speed.  All you have to do is tell us which is the most important to you, and our filter will get you the very best bang for your buck.
  • Simplicity – We work hard to make it easy to do business with us.  We make the billing, ordering and getting service super simple for your staff.

We don’t believe in nuisance costs for our clients.  We know when you make a purchasing decision, you want to get good quality and a good price.  Our quotes are designed to do just that.  What we won’t do is show you a good up front price to get you in the fold and then kill you on maintenance costs or upcharges that are buried in the fine print of your contract.

Here are a few things you should watch for when purchasing a copier:

  • Is there an escalation clause, and if so, how much – anything close to double digit escalation is really bad.  We are typically either 3% or 5% per year.  We don’t go 12% or 15% – and you will know exactly what it is before you sign anything.
  • Do supplies cost anything to you?  (With us they don’t)
  • What is the terms for exiting at the end?  We don’t like the contracts that are worded you must notify us no sooner than 150 days and no less than 90 days…  If you know you are done, why can’t you say so a year in advance?

In terms of Service:

We help companies all over the USA.  We use Xerox service and you know you will have a quality technician that is local each time because even though we are in Denver, the techs are based locally and there are thousands across the nation.  In Denver alone, there are over 15 certified techs.  Also, with Xerox, there is the Total Satisfaction Guarantee.  Meaning you won’t be stuck with some lemon long term.

  • Our service is NBD (Next Business Day)
  • We cover the entire USA
  • We are available for remote screen sharing to help you solve problems right now.
  • We allow 2 full sets of supplies on the shelf so you don’t have people running out of toners
  • We can automate re-orders so your staff doesn’t have to spend time on that.

We would love to work with your business and our commitment to you is we will keep your costs fair and we will be responsive and work to help when you have issues.  We look forward to talking to you!


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