Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO Copier Leasing

Just outside of Denver on the edge of the Rocky Mountains is a beautiful oasis you know as the town of Boulder. Boulder is a place we have sold and leased many copiers. Being founded in Colorado, many of our clients are currently located in Boulder, and we have always appreciated the trust these companies have given to us to help them with their copier needs.

If you are in Boulder and looking for a copier, we would love to help. Our team has many options you can consider as you look to lease a copier for your Boulder company.


HP Color Laserjet Managed E47528f

HP Color Laserjet Managed E57540DN

HP Color Laserjet Managed E67650DH

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Black and White

HP Laserjet Managed E42540f

HP Laserjet Managed E52645DN

HP Laserjet Managed E62655DN

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We have many options available to you in terms of leasing a copier, and we would love to work with your team on getting you the right copier for your business. We can get you a copier that does letter/legal, or letter/legal/tabloid or color or black and white. We know each company has different needs. An accountant may need a black-and-white, letter/legal copier, while a graphic designer may need a letter/legal/tabloid color device.

Not every company needs the same thing, so our team works to get to the bottom of your needs. 

Should I Get FMV or $1 Out Lease

When you lease a copier, you will get a choice of getting a fair market value lease (FMV) or a $1 Out lease. The benefit of an FMV lease is you get a lower monthly payment than if you have a $1 Out lease. The benefit of a $1 out lease is you get to keep the copier at the end of the lease and not have to send it back. 

The most common type of lease is a five-year FMV lease because it gives the lowest cost per month and forces companies to upgrade the copier on a schedule without having to do it too often.

We look forward to chatting with you about getting a copier here in Boulder. Give us a call, and we will get you a quote ASAP.


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