Benefits of Xerox One-Touch Apps

Do you have a Xerox copier? Do you do routine daily tasks like scanning documents or receipts into a folder? Do you get tired of hitting button after button to get simple tasks done?

Having sold copiers for over a decade, we are excited about how easy Xerox has made doing routine repetitive tasks with their One-Touch apps. In this article we will cover what a One-Touch App is and how you can use it to make your business more efficient.

Xerox has simplified work

With One-Touch apps, Xerox has made doing the daily work of your office much easier. Consider a case where you run an apartment complex and have to scan lease documents into a folder to be saved for corporate to look at. With most copiers, the process would look like this:

  • Go to the copier
  • Press Scan
  • Choose Folder
  • Choose Subfolder
  • Look at the Settings
  • Choose PDF
  • Save
  • Press Scan 
  • Repeat for next job

With Xerox, you can set it up to skip almost all of these steps.  You can set it so you do the following:

  • Go to the copier
  • Press Custom button for scanning
  • Repeat for next job

This may not seem like a big deal, but this becomes a huge time saver. This is especially true for those offices where there is a boss who struggles with technology. This can be so simple that it is easier than handing it to the assistant to do for them. 

Here is a video showing how it works:

What does this work for?

Your imagination is the biggest limitation here. You could set a button up like this for any of these kinds of workflows:

  • Scan to a department manager
  • Scan to accounting (reimbursements/receipts)
  • Scan to a specific email
  • Copy 2 sided rather than 2 sided
  • Make thumbnail documents (2, 4, or 8 pages to 1 page – like little office flyers)
  • Edge erase
  • Bright, muted, lively copies
  • Reduce/Enlarge
  • Pick a specific paper tray or thickness

The biggest thing you should consider when creating One-Touch app buttons, is do you do this often? The more often you do a task, the more appropriate it is to create a One-Touch App.

We have a passion for efficiency

With Copier Lease Center, we help our clients take advantage of how Xerox has designed products to make their lives easier. We are here for your team and would love to chat about how we can help you skip unnecessary steps by automating your workflow.

Give us a call and see how working with Copier Lease Center can help your company get the biggest bang for your buck.


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