Bakersfield, California

Copier Lease Center serves Bakersfield, California. This city is the seat of Kern County, with a population of about 403,455. Bakersfield is a major hub for oil production. There’s not a spot in the city from where you cannot see an oil rig. Living in Bakersfield feels like you’re right in the middle of a forest. From parks to the national forests of Sequoia and Los Padres, there’s a lot to see and even more to do here. 

So what do we find interesting about Bakersfield, California?

California Area Living Museum

The California Area Living Museum (CALM) is the number one tourist spot for people who love animals. This zoo aims to preserve and showcase local Californian wildlife. Currently, it holds over 80 species of native animals. But there’s no animal cruelty here, as the animals cannot be released for medical reasons. Being a museum, CALM is home to fossils and other artifacts that shape the Californian fauna. The site is also dedicated to wildlife research and education.

Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace

If there’s anything in the way of arts that Bakersfield is famous for, it’s “The Bakersfield Sound”. It’s a sub-genre of country music that was developed in the area of Bakersfield. And Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace is a standing monument to just that. Established in 1996, this palace is where country folks gather to sing and perform. The palace, aside from being a music hall, also functions as a honky-tonk and a restaurant. 

Kern County Museum

When you first enter the Kern County Museum, it won’t feel like a museum. With over 50 historic buildings from all over Kern County, this museum looks like it is its own city. Its main focus is on educating the public about the history of the county. It contains buildings and monuments from as early as the 19th century. 

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