Are More Expensive Copiers Worth It?

Are you looking at copiers? One of the questions people have is whether the more expensive copier lease is worth the price. You may be see quotes with numbers that are like $100 per month vs $350 per month, is the more expensive copier worth it?

We have been leasing copiers for over 10 years, and this is one of the most common answers we get. Surprisingly, we are not always on the side of spending more money.

In this article we will cover when a more expensive copier is worth the money, and when it isn’t.

Why Pay Extra for a Copier

There are a few reasons you may want to spend a bit more for your next copier. Here are a few of the most common and best reasons to pay a few more bucks in your next copier lease.

Better Color Quality

If you need the highest quality color, it may make sense to spend a little more. This is especially true if the copier you are looking at has Fiery. This is a color control software package which can really enhance the quality of your color prints. If you are doing a lot of brochures or graphical color prints, we think spending some extra makes sense because the color quality is generally much better on the higher end copiers.

Lots of Print Volume

Next, if you find you print a lot, it can be worth it to spend more money. The reason is the more expensive the copier is, generally, the cheaper the cost per print on that copier. For example, if you have a $1000 copier, color is normally around 10 cents to 12 cents a page. A $5000 copier goes down to 7 or so cents and a $10000 copier may be more like 5 cents to 6 cents a page. If you are able to save 5 cents a page for 10000 pages, that’s $500 a month, more than most copiers cost. If it is for 100 copies, that is only $5 and may not be worth it.

Better Brand

Another reason you may choose to spend more is to get a better brand of copier. The cheap inkjet copiers you get at the big box store will break down a lot more if you are doing any real print volume. We believe this is another reason to consider spending more.

When Should I Spend Less?

If you don’t need to print a ton or just need a copier to print paperwork that doesn’t need to be perfect print quality, you may want to keep some of the money in your pocket. Not every use case is one where you need to spend as much as you can afford. There are times where not only is it prudent to save on your copier lease, but it also is logically sound.

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