Do you have a copier or IT company and ready to look at being bought out? As part of Novatech, we are always looking at strategic acquisitions of companies. We have bought multiple companies over the past few years, and are always happy to have a conversation about what an acquisition could look like for you.

There are a few things that will make your company more interesting for us.

  • Solid Revenues (Over $1M annually is generally where we would start the conversation with a company
  • Solid P&L’s – We are more interested in acquiring companies that are actually making money today
  • Large Client Base – Having larger and many clients makes a company more interesting for us
  • Custom Solutions – Maybe there is something your company does that no one else is doing, these are some of the reasons we could be interested
  • Sunsetting Owners – If the owner is looking to retire, or join forces with a nationally recognized company, this helps us have interest
  • Solid Employees – Having great employees is something we always look for. In this market, we are not looking to trim staff, but help bring them on board
  • Canon, HP, or Xerox focus – Since we already support these brands, these are the easiest to put into our existing support model. Of course we would talk to Ricoh or other brands, but it is easier if it is Canon, Xerox or HP.

You may not be ready today, but want to start the conversation, we are open to these chats too. We understand not everyone is ready to sell today. We can go over what the conditions are which would help you be able to sell.

If You Are Looking to Sell, Things that Help:

  • Have a solid list of lease expirations. It helps to flip these into new contracts
  • Have solid revenue growth year over year
  • Build great relationships with your existing clients
  • Make sure your accounting is in order and accurate
  • Sell out your existing inventory

Overall, we want to talk to companies who are ready to sell. If this is you, give us a call or let us know. We want to be sure we actively pursue potential partners with transparency and actively help their business grow and become stronger and part of the Novatech family.


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