Accessible Copiers for your Entire Team

Promoting inclusivity and ensuring easy access to technology for all individuals is of paramount importance. In this piece, we explore some of the innovative features integrated into modern copiers that cater to users with diverse needs.

Having collaborated with numerous manufacturers, we’re inspired by the strides taken to enhance accessibility in copier design. Drawing upon our 25 years in the copier industry, we’ve had the privilege of supporting businesses in equipping their workspaces to serve every team member effectively.

Besides the ethical incentive, ensuring product accessibility is a legal requirement. Section 508 regulations guide product designs, especially those for federal government use, to guarantee equal information access for all, regardless of ability.

In this article, we spotlight initiatives by our partners to support users with different needs, based on our experience:

Visual Needs

About 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women experience variations in color perception. Recognizing this, some manufacturers enhance the vividness of LEDs on the screen to differentiate between colors better, benefiting those with color perception challenges. Considering the frequency of this condition, it’s essential to ponder over these adjustments when procuring a copier.

Accessibility for Varying Heights

Keeping in mind the needs of users who might be in wheelchairs or of a height outside the average range, several manufacturers have introduced tilting screens. This adaptable screen angle ensures that everyone can comfortably view and engage with the copier interface.

Visual Impairments

There are approximately 15 million individuals in the USA with visual impairments, and 38% are in the workforce. Manufacturers are attentive to this demographic, implementing features like text-to-speech functionality. Such a feature allows the device to read out the contents of a document. Additionally, options to enlarge icons or enhance display contrast further assist those with partial sight.

Hearing Needs

To cater to individuals with hearing impairments, some copiers now include headphone jacks, allowing users to better discern machine sounds. Alternatively, certain models use LED lights to convey alerts and notifications visually, substituting for auditory signals.

Pahoda Copiers & Printers: Your Inclusive Partner

Every workspace is unique, and so are its members. Ensuring your equipment meets the needs of all employees is crucial for productivity and job satisfaction. Not only does this foster an inclusive environment, but it also prevents potential frustrations with technology.

Most of these enhancements come at no extra cost and simply require activation. Should you need assistance with Section 508 compliance or aim to bolster your workspace’s inclusivity, Pahoda Copiers & Printers is here to assist!


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