3 Tips for Getting a Wireless Multifunction Laser Printer

Are you looking for a laser printer that can copy, print and scan but is also wireless? Maybe you need a color printer or a black and white printer. We are here to help you find the best laser printer for your small business (or big business too… we just want to help you get the right multifunction printer)

We have been selling printers and copiers for over a decause and have helped clients figure out what multi function printer is best for their company.

We will cover 3 tips to help you get the right wireless printer for your office in this article and help you avoid spending unnecessary money.

Tip #1 – Is it needed at all?

For many users, they already have wireless they need without having to buy anything special at all. If you are able to connect to your network, and that network is hardwired into the copier, you should still have access to print just fine and probably don’t need a wireless multifunction laser printer at all. You can just connect to your network, have the appropriate driver and print.

Tip #2 – Color or Black and White

The next thing you will need to consider, is do you need a color multifunction printer or even something more basic like a monochrome laser printer (with no scan, fax, or copy)? When you determine if you need color or black and white, you have just eliminated over 50% of the devices on the market.

Getting a wireless printer that prints in color will cost more per print, but the ability to print marketing flyers or other graphics will matter in a lot of applications.

Other features to consider:

  • Print speed
  • Google cloud print enablement
  • Duplex printing
  • Scan resolution
  • Black print speed
  • Brand (like HP Laserjet or Xerox Versalink MFPs)

Tip #3 – Laser multifunction printer vs inkjet

If you are getting a wireless multifunction laser printer, then this is a moot point. You know you are getting laser over inkjet. Now, for a small group of low volume print users, the question should arise, should you just get a $80 throwaway inkjet multifunction printer?

We would not suggest inkjet if you are printing more than about 100 sheets a month, because the ink cartridges will end up costing more than the laser printer and whatever the toner cartridge would have cost. This is on a longer timeline, like 3 or 4 years.

Also, the maximum print speed is generally a bit slower, especially on graphics on an inkjet printer vs a laser printer.

We have HP color laserjet printers for sale as well as the Xerox Altalink wireless multifunction printers.

We can help!

No matter what you need, Copier Lease Center can help you get what you are looking for. We can help you find a color multifunction printer that does wireless printing or works with Google cloud print. We have a lot of options to help your team get just the right color copier for your needs.


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