The Copier Naughty List

Maybe you leased a copier and you realize you got a bad deal...  We are making this page so that people who leased a copier and are unhappy with the terms can send us a copy and we can post these on your behalf.  We will highlight portions of lease contracts that we wouldn't sign ourselves and give reasons why it is a bad lease to sign, in our opinion.  Of course, we recognize there are often factors that make a lease look like a bad contract when it actually was not.  Because that is the case, we will take out the company name, unless the same company has many complaints - and we'll remove your name so you don't get a bunch of solicitors calling you.  This page is for educational purposes to ensure that you are getting a great leasing deal!

We also will publish links to LAWSUITS pertaining to copier leases, so you can see that leasing companies are not afraid to sue - emphasizing the importance of getting terms you can live with!

Copier lawsuit news - Madison Schools sued.

Ohio State Lawsuit

IKON Class Action Suit

MPHJ Technology Investments - Scan to Email Lawsuit - When patent trolls get the wrong ideas...  They sue Coca Cola and Dillards

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